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Praise from the Experts for Defiant Brides:

One of the best books of 2013 — Mindy Todd, The Point, WCAI Cape and Islands NPR Station 

This deftly written book seamlessly weaves historical fact with narrative…a highly recommended book that is at once as readable and interesting, as it is historical and fascinating. — Journal of the American Revolution 

With the seemingly endless parade of books devoted to both founding fathers and revolutionary rascals, it’s nice to see some attention paid to the fervor with which some remarkable women navigated the romantic, political, and wartime challenges of the era. –BOOKLIST

Nancy Rubin Stuart succeeds in rendering a clear picture of the world in which the wives of mid-eighteenth-century leaders and military officers lived. … From the perspectives of these two distinctly different personalities, the author breathes life into a complex period of history as the reader watches an emerging nation take shape. –ForeWord Reviews

Stuart’s thoughtful research and consideration brings each woman forward into her own spotlight,… Defiant Brides is an effortless read and a fresh perspective on the American Revolution, featuring two women who defied their parents to marry into a conflict that shaped a nation.  –starred review  

A rich portrait of two rebellious women who defied expectations and struggled—publicly and privately—in a volatile political moment in early America…Readers will be enthralled by Stuart’s dramatic account of the epic lives of these defiant brides, which begin with romance, are complicated by politics, and involve spies, disappointments, heroic deeds, tragedies, and personal triumphs. –Herald Book Examiner  

Though the women are introduced with extreme contrast…They’re both complex wartime game changers…In exploring issues of sacrifice, patriotism and the murkiness of loyalty, Stuart offers new depth in representing women in nonfiction.–BIBLIOGRAPHILE:

Stuart tells a good story while offering insights into the personal lives of characters who had significant influence on events that took place during the War… Stuart’s style is both readable and informative… well researched…speaks to both the personalities of the focal characters and to the role of women in general in the Revolutionary War. –Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene 

Rubin Stuart skillfully showcases the strengths and weaknesses as well as the joys and disappointments of both women.  Readers will admire the courage and loyalty displayed by each as they resolutely played out the marital hands they’d been dealt….Well researched and written in a compelling style, Defiant Brides is a work of history that reads like a novel. –Barnstable Patriot


The Broad Side: April 22, 2013

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the stories of the women who played any part, not matter how big or small, in the founding of America, don’t get told often. Author Nancy Rubin Stuart has written a book… on two little-known, but fascinating, women from the Revolutionary War era … shares the stories of the wives of Benedict Arnold and Henry Knox.

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